Excerpt from Summer Bridge Tales - Sarah and Mark go to Los Angeles.

                  Sarah and Mark go to Los Angeles on a Harley. (Return to home page.)

    "...Oh, I get it Sarah; riding a horse is almost second nature to you. I suppose you could travel a great distance on a motorcycle comfortably riding sidesaddle. And Mark's motorcycle might have a few more 'horsepower' than your noble steed Esmey."
   "What do you know about me riding sidesaddle, Marceline? Your insinuation loaded remark about someone, who straddle-rides a motorcycle but forgets about someone, who straddle-rides, naked as well as sidesaddle, on a horse is a bit hypocritical."
   "I was free and easy on your precious Esmey, I felt sort of like Lady Godiva of Vermont when I visited you last summer. Reflecting back on that ride early that morning around your farm's one-hundred acres; no one saw me nude. Your crew and ranch hands were gone for the weekend. I tried sidesaddle but I was afraid I might slip off."
 "You were extremely lucky my folks didn't see you flash by their window, Marceline."  "Come to think about it now Sarah, in terms of daring rides; during our last school holiday, I'm convinced you were a fantastically brave girl to go out with Mark Lowenstein, our hippie-dippy campus biker. Riding long distances on a motorcycle takes stamina and a strong backbone."
   "You needn’t concern yourself Marceline. As it happened, on Friday after my morning classes I was in our student lounge, browsing bulletin board notes and looking for something interesting to do during break week, after being abandoned by my best friend. Luckily, he walked up to me, and said, 'Hello, I'm Mark Lowenstein; what are you going to be doing during this break week?'"
 "From what little you told me earlier about the encounter, his question and the conversation that followed developed into quite an extended weekend affair."
   "All I said was, 'Hi Mr. Lowenstein; how are you doing?' I smiled with a come-hither twinkle in my eye. He replied, 'Hi Sarah, I'm doing fine today. However, this weekend I'm taking a trip down to Los Angeles for a few days, going to an art show, do some research at USC and plan to see a classical music performance at the LA Music Center.'
 "Then I said, 'That is interesting, Mark; I'm currently between classes and acting gigs; what do you have to offer a girl stuck on campus without a vehicle?'"
   'Would you be interested in riding with a no-account rambler like me to that fair city on my bike?'
   "I then asked him, 'Did you say far city? That is quite far a distance if you don't mind the pun; seven-hundred miles on a motorcycle isn't exactly riding in the lap of comfort.' 
"He riposted with, 'I think we can do that ride in three sittings; I have some friends and associates with homes along the way; so, riding a motorcycle wouldn't be too hard on us.'
   "I inquired further, 'That sounds interesting Mark and I wouldn't be a bother riding with you all that time and sponging off your friends?'"
   "Because of my insistence he replied, 'What are friends for, Sarah? Besides, they are a very generous lot, and of course, anybody who lives along the California coast, with its Spanish hacienda traditions, knows that to put up a traveler, whenever they are able, is the height of social consciousness. They've told me before in text messages and e-mails that they're always willing to put me up for a night. I couldn't promise you a too spectacular a style of living, but they spread out some good food and their places are clean.'"
   "Now I was interested, and said, 'Mark, I think that might be a great idea; Marceline's gone back East to her parents. I have a whole weekend and a half, and I don't need to be in class until next Wednesday. Hmm; let me think about the logistics for a moment.'"    Marceline interrupted; full of excitement for Sarah, as she asked, "What is to figure, Sarah; he was willing but were you, really?"
 "Actually at that point, yes I was; while we discussed the trip, I turned away slightly from Mark and feigned a pensive look, then I thought, yes; he is quite a handsome fellow, considering. He's a bit of a quiet loner, but at his intelligence level, having friends around him is not a dire necessity. Everyone he casually meets calls him 'Hairy Harriet;' with his close-cropped beard, deep set blue eyes and the longest hair I've ever seen on a guy. At almost two feet of shiny black, with a ponytail; yes Mark Lowenstein is a very independent fellow; and the ride would be a L.A. experience to remember on a cold New England night.
   Marceline, now brimming with rather envious curiosity, queried, "Sarah, level with me; I'm your dearest friend, and you know I respect your judgment. You weren't seriously thinking of pairing up with him; were you..."

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