Excerpt from Summer Bridge Tales - Book Four, Climax

            The soul of Phillípe Pârfait is condemned for eternity. (Return to home page.)

   ....As Redwoodville settled down to read about the supposed suicide off Summer Bridge and accidental death on Riverside Drive, locals were amazed such horrible incidents could happen in their quiet town. The odd thing about the accident and why in occurred at the time it did; there was usually no traffic through town. It's a small stop off Highway 101, which in itself has a dangerous reputation. The town fathers knew business would be off or at least reduced some small amount by the double death.
  People are afraid of accidents and try to avoid places troubled by disasters. Of course there are gloomy look y-loo's who dig morbid stuff. The local community newspaper covered the story with whatever they could discover and it seemed to satisfy local and visiting curiosities to some extent but the complete story was never revealed, either by design, pleas for privacy by the Pârfait family or fear of the unknown. The county coroner determined at an inquest, both deaths of Phillípe Pârfait and Gerry Adelson died by accidental causes.
  However, there was a call from Switzerland, saying that relatives related by marriage to Gerry Adelson wanted official certification that Mr. Adelson’s death was natural, beyond their request for privacy it appeared as though they did not want publicity released about their distant in-law relative. Because the overseas call seemed suspicious, the Redwoodville Police Chief sent a FAX to INTERPOL with details of the death, which of course was determined to be a natural accident.
  Only one living person knew what actually occurred, Marceline Pârfait, but she could say nothing about it to any living person, since she swore her oath of secrecy to the Pârfait family spiritual adepts that she took with her uncle Clémmôn Aragônne when he indoctrinated her into the adept's circle.
  Although she remembered every detail, Marceline was not to tell to any living person, about the incident at Arboria Pond, even her parents or Uncle Clémmôn. In addition, since the spiritual Knights of the Pârfait family were among those non-corporeal witnesses who were called to the spiritual High Council to shed some light on events leading up to the dark deed they were also sworn to secrecy. The Council asked Marceline Pârfait to appear by way of her deep-sleeping Pineal Mind, which turned her into a semi-spiritual being just for the spiritual tribunal, to give evidence of the more corporeal aspects of the event.
  The spiritual tribunal took place at night in the middle of Arboria Island Pond, just above the water's surface, to ensure complete isolation from accidental interference. Any person or psychic who might have witnessed the spirits in council hovering over the pond; at that late hour, anyone could not be sure, if they were spiritual entities or just midnight mist.
  The evidence gathered and discussed, reached back fifty years into the lives of Phillípe Pârfait and Gerry Adelson. Marceline Pârfait's role in the incident, was explained and defended by her psychic entity, resurrected from her deep sleep, as well as the Pârfait family spiritual adepts who was instrumental in Marceline taking part in her Pieta. It was unanimously determined by the solemn High Council that Phillípe Pârfait and Gerry Adelson were solely responsible for their own deaths in the Arboria Island incident.
  Their wretched souls, as summoned by the all-powerful High Council were summarily condemned to eternal torment beyond the Gates of Hades in the deepest depths of the forbidding hot plasma in the center of Sagittarius A-Star at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.
  The soul of Phillípe Pârfait, the mastermind of the incident, suffered the sum total of all the pain caused by the Spanish Inquisitions because of his refusal and rejection of the Pârfait family spiritual adepts.

There was no chance of appeal, repeal to the High Council's judgment or a pardon....

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