Summer Bridge Tales: Book One, Marceline & Sarah Seek Liberation, Synopsis

            Marceline Pârfait and Sarah Davidson on the Road (return to home page)

Book, one centers on Marceline Pârfait and Sarah Davidson, two master’s degree college graduates, no so accidentally tumbling into romance and adventure as they seek liberation from academia.  Intertwining plot lines driven by Marceline's evolving from staid scientist to blossoming romantic, while, yearning for the love of her life Darôk Cinzelado.  Darôk is a young Brazilian businessman who met Marceline on a trip with her Uncle Phillípe.  

Sarah’s more mature and objective pursuit of a country and western band leader, Jackson Roberts, who is a star in the country and western musical firmament. Sarah's affair with Jackson, in comparison to Marceline’s kindling romantic affair with Darôk, is definite a raging forest fire.  Marceline's romantic rebirth and her love affair with Darôk develops slowly in fits and starts, but she is coming out of her scientific shell at a snail's pace. Driven by a year and a half unfulfilled longing for her Brazilian lover during college years,she is becoming a full-fledged romantic.

Darôk and Marceline fell in love on the beach at Recife, Brazil, during her two-week stay on a business trip there during her third year of a five-year master’s degree course in biology.  Their on-again and off-again romance and much dream time fantasizing has enhanced Marceline's love and longing for this dynamic Brazilian.  

Now they will be together again for an entire summer.  According to Marceline's hopeful aspirations, when they get together this summer, their love will grow even stronger. Marceline and Darôk will be able to work together in Humboldt County, on her uncle’s project. Their getting together is either coincidental, luck or part of a plot, because her uncle’s motivations hide behind a dark veil of secrecy and evil intent, and he tell no one what he is doing,

As story characters weave an international two-family history, they are drawn to the Arboria Island Summer Bridge as a focus point within the story.  This foot bridge crosses a high canyon over the Eel River in Humboldt County, Northern California and connects the town of Redwoodville to, a hard, volcanic rock up- thrust in the middle of the Eel River. Townspeople and some visitors swear the island's pond has magical properties. 

During this summer, Marceline’s Uncle Phillípe has a research assignment waiting for Marceline and Sarah. They gladly accept the assignment as a fun project. And hopefully, amongst the warmth and easy living of vacation time in Northern California, love will blossom for both ingénues as chance allows.
  Because Marceline owes her Uncle Phillípe money, she intends to pay him back by performing some arboreal research for him based on her field of expertise and the biological aspects of Arboria Island.  In addition to planning a great variation for the two of them, she asked Sarah her life-long friend to assist her in this research as her general factotum and social companion.

During the past five years of college, they studied and cloistered themselves amongst hard-working students and teachers, while around them leftist anarchists teachers slowly inveigle and charm the otherwise conservative students with promises of Fabian socialism.  After 'escaping' their left-wing academic miasma, both graduates from hard-working conservative families, want to see and enjoy some of the marvelous state of California before it crumbles into an anarchy of wants, demands and threats replacing logic and rationality.

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