Summer Bridge Tales, Book 2, Picnic & Panic Synopsis

                         An earthquake and avalanche, interrupts a picnic.  (return to home page.)

Book two of the Summer Bridge Tale tells about more of the graduates' on-the-road adventures including a quiet interlude in a selected picnic spot in the Putah Creek valley,where the graduates Marceline and Sarah discuss men, careers and the loveliness of the place by the creek for for a picnic.

Then a dangerous earthquake and avalanche catastrophe interrupts their rest stop and picnic.  The earthquake is a 15 million year old stike-slip fault that has been very quiet for a long time. Getting up the hill to their Corvette is an on-again and off-again struggle for both graduates because the earth moves downward toward the creek and the center at the fault on the initial earthquake pulse and upwards on the next earthquake shock toward the roadway on the other.

By saving Sarah, Marceline proves herself worthy of becoming an ancestral spirit adept, which is a high honor in her spirit centered religion.  An plastic surgeon, in the town they just drove through, treated Marceline with excellent skills on her cheek after falling rock from the avalanche gashed it.  There will be no observable scar on her otherwise flawless face in about three months.

After the painful encounter with an earthquake Sarah and Marceline take a break from driving during their trip to Humboldt County, to stay at Marceline's Uncle Clemmôn Aragônne's vineyard, to experience exceptional California wine, great Spanish food and an epicurean lifestyle.


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