Summer Bridge Tales Book 3 Marceline's Men Synopsis

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Book three of the Summer Bridge Tale is the story of the men in Marceline's life:
  Roméo Pârfait is her only brother who races sports cars.

Clemmôn Aragônne is her uncle on Marceline's mother side.

Darôk Cinzèlado is Marceline's fiance. 

Hênrí Pârfait her father or as he is called by her family: Poppâ, is a family archon of French Canadian ancestry.

Clemmôn Aragônne is the husband of Juliet Pârfait, Hênrí sister and business associate of his now brother-in-law Hênrí Pârfait. Juliet met Clemmôn at wine tasting event during a lovely Saturday afternoon wine flight at Clemmôn's vineyard and winery in Napa, California.

Phillípe Pârfait, is Marceline's uncle and a many-faceted misanthrope.  Phillípe's far-fetched schemes, amorous endeavors, aggressive attitude toward women and his long-suffering wife Monica, who he loves dearly but dominates like a tyrant, will be his undoing.  Marceline tries her best to stop him by combining her inner strength and beliefs of the family’s ancestral spirits.  Phillípe's villainous actions against any person or entity standing in his way, be they relative, business associate, spiritual beings or even God makes people turn away after they get to know him.

Throughout all four books of this story Phillípe's acts inhospitably against humanity and anyone who stands in his way. Marceline's Uncle Phillípe is a clever and chauvinistic people-user.  His aggressive attitude toward subordinates and his rapacious characteristics strikes everyone as his having a vile self-serving personality.    Overall, he is an uber-rational 19th Century Victorian.  His modus operandi developed through a life of wealth and privilege is his downfall.  Phillípe Pârfait is a seemingly-kind uncle, but in reality, is someone who needs a good thrashing.


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