Summer Bridge Tales, Book 4, Marceline and Darôk's Romance Synopsis

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Book four of the Summer Bridge Tale tells about Sarah and Marceline arriving in Redwoodville, after staying a week at Marceline's Uncle Clemmôn's winery estate.

Sarah finds a new social quest in Jackson Roberts, a country and western band leader, who becomes her newest lover.  Marceline arrives at the Humboldt County Inn and falls hard for the Richard Jones concierge in a love affair of convenience.  The Riverside Saloon contrasts with the quieter and more sedate Humboldt Inn at the other, more gentile section of town.

With its upscale dining room, the Jefferson Restaurant, the inn attracts Marceline for its more dignified clientele and urbane atmosphere. Sarah finally relinquishes her quest for the Humboldt Inn manager and moves on to the jazzier digs of her latest lover Jackson Roberts.

Since her Central American dream lover Darôk Cinzèlado, hasn't as yet arrived, Marceline's intense yet platonic love affair with Richard gives her a new outlook on romantic love. Both Richard and Marceline realize their affair is a temporary one of circumstance and that there is not much promise in it, other than a shared interest in romantic love making, which both understand could end at any time.

Darôk finally arrives in Redwoodville and the breakup between Marceline and Richard is cool but cordial. They understood the conditions and possibilities of their affair and everyone stays cordial friends.

The Summer Bridge leads the two lovers across to Arboria Island where they and their friends cavort in the explicably therapeutic water. The love that smoldered for a year and a half bursts forth between Marceline and Darôk at Arboria Pond and they find their love intoxicating. Marceline has finally found her dream man and her love for Darôk and their romance soars every date and night during the rest of that summer. After two years of waiting and anticipating everything Marceline dreamed of about Darôk comes true.

A geologist brought in by Darôk says great things about the pond and its artesian possibilities. Marceline's Uncle Phillípe Pârfait sees not only better health but the possibility of making great wealth from bottling the healing water and dies trying to have it and its profits all for himself. His greed and cruelty finally catches up with him.


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