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Summer Bridge Tales Chapter 1, Marceline & Sarah on Vacation
Summer Bridge Tales, Chapter 2, A Picnic and Panic
Summer Bridge Tales, Chapter 3, Marceline's Men

Summer Bridge Tales, Chapter 4, Marceline and Darôk's Romance

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Sarah and Mark go to Los Angeles on a Harley.
Marceline and her brother Rôméo find Love.
Sample of Summer Bridge Book Four Climax.

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The Summer Bridge Historical Background:

    Summer Bridge is a foot bridge that crosses the Eel River in Humboldt County, California. The bridge is a local tourist attraction and treat in summer. Many an after dinner walk starts and ends there; as a lover's rendezvous any time of a warm summer's day the bridge holds many memories. However, each winter the tremendous snowfalls in that area, results in springtime floods. They rage and tumble through the canyon so heavily and at such a height along the river's banks that the Summer Bridge was broken away from its moorings and carried downstream twice. Both times it was broken into unusable pieces. 

    Therefore, to not suffer the loss of their beloved bridge ever again, the townsfolk and the city council approved the construction of a removable bridge, which is taken off its granite rock and concrete support mounts in fall. Then in late spring when the river flow has subsided and no threat of floods exist, the bridge is put back into place and bolted down for the summer. This is where Marceline and Darôk declare their love for each other, and is a central focus of the story.

    In the climax at the end of Book Four, the two killers fall to their deaths off Summer Bridge. The county medical examiner declares the deaths of Phillípe Pârfait and Gerry Adelson accidental, and restricts any release of information concerning the two dead men. The high council of the Pârfait family spiritual adepts, condemns Phillípe's soul. There will be no appeal or forgiveness of this vile entity.

The Pârfait Family Archon (Book Two in Process)

This in process book describes the early life, education and maturation of the family archon and father of Marceline, Hênrí Pârfait and Phillípe his brother. Hênrí is the Chief Executive Officer of Parfait Industries a family-owned eight-hundred-year old hardwood carving and finishing company of Canadian American heritage. His brother is the company's Executive Vice-president.
    Life in the beginning is difficult for the two young men. Through the cold and hard work of logging and making hardwood accoutrements for demanding clients,tempers the attitudes of both men., Hênrí retains a steady eye on his company's future and Phillípe, through some misguided sense of greed, tries to ruin everything he touches.

    As a stoic character of the French-Canadian family Hênrí Pârfait is a quiet archon, and is the glue that secures the fortunes of a widely dispersed global family. He is steadfast, quiet and understanding, and only wants only the best for Marceline and her brother Rôméo. However, their father or Poppâ as the family calls him, makes it clear that his protection of their wealth and lifestyles can be guaranteed only if they also make strong efforts to acquire their own successes.

    With a steadfast Gallic background he is not only a practical person but does not believe in flaunting family fortune with social parties or a high New York style of living. Catering to the whims and wealth of conservative families, the company maintains an excellent reputation in the business. Hênrí does his best to keep his private clients happy, as he also bids on large industrial and commercial contracts for finely finished accoutrements for multi-story skyscrapers using only the best hardwood to produce window trims, balustrades and grand stairways.

   At times it becomes necessary to have Clemmôn Aragônne, Hênrí's brother In-law, back a bridge loan or guarantee some short-term commercial paper to complete a project or make a bond for certain types of large Pârfait Industry projects. Senor Aragônne, the brother of Hênrí's wife Angeline, always accommodates Hênrí Pârfait with the full financial resources of the Aragônne Family Trust. The holdings of the trust include vineyards and wineries in Europe, Canada and other global locations. The Pârfait Family Archon, will interest young male university graduate men who would like to learn about professional life and running a vineyard in Napa Valley.

     Sarah will be the third Summer Bridge Tales book.

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Press Release


     This website describes a romance, adventure, history and adventure story entitled, Summer Bridge Tales. Concepts and storylines in this book are supported by a strong conservative philosophy. The book describes the early lives of two successful college graduates, their families and their friends, and is enriched with historical and spiritual overtones. A novel of this sort would appeal to college graduates who want gain a new perspective that differs from the one-note liberal and leftist undertones of public university life. Since they will be supporting themselves in a capitalistic and competitive society of the future, this book provides a valid view toward their success.

     In comparison to current mainstream fiction with its violence, suppression of women and tendencies toward socialist governance, this book demonstrates how an individual's success-oriented and spiritually-blessed lifestyle can be exciting and fulfilling.

NOTE: This book will be available from the Conservative Center Press in hardback format after a quantity of books are sold in PDF format, therefore order your PDF copy by email

Chapter One - Marceline

     Marceline has just received a Master’s Degree in Biology and Sarah is a Master’s Degree Cinema  Arts graduate. The two young women after completing their schooling in June 2020, rather than heading back east and jumping feet-first into their chosen careers, decide to travel and vacation in Northern California. The school they attended, Agerstone College, is a small private agricultural school near Sacramento, which employs conservative professors and teachers as available.

     Marceline's and her older brother Roméo are children of Hênrí and Angeline Pârfait. Hênrí Pârfait is the CEO of the family company, Pârfait Industries, a worldwide hardwood importing, exporting and finishing company. Sarah Davidson is the daughter of Erik and Elizabeth Davidson who run an equestrian riding academy in Alburg, Vermont up near the Canadian border. These two hard-working conservative families got together during a 2013 summer vacation from junior school, where Marceline, Sarah and their families were traveling on Lake Champlain, New York..

     The two graduates plan to visit and enjoy California before it descends into liberal nanny-state chaos. Marceline, who traveled to Brazil for a business meeting, made the acquaintance of Darôk Cinzèlado, her destined Latin lover. Darôk is a director of a hardwood lumber company in Brazil, South America, which provides products and services similar to Pârfait Industries. Marceline and Darôk met and fell in love on a business trip to Recife, Brazil with her Uncle Phillípe. She now anticipates reuniting with him after graduation during her summer vacation.

Chapter Two - Picnic and Panic

    The Pârfait family's ancestral spirits, in their unrelenting quest to protect its members and business associates, save Marceline and Sarah from a horrible death under an avalanche resulting from a powerful earthquake that strikes right beneath their picnic spot by the otherwise gently flowing Putah Creek. By saving herself and Sarah, Marceline proves herself worthy of becoming an ancestral spirit adept, which is a high honor in her spirit centered religion. 

     After Marceline is hit by the avalanche's falling stone, an interning plastic surgeon treated Marceline's wound on her cheek with plastic surgery.  There will be no observable scar on her otherwise flawless face.
After the painful encounter with an earthquake the graduates, take a break from driving during their trip to Humboldt County, in which Sarah and Marceline stay at her Uncle Clemmôn's vineyard, to experience exceptional California wine, great Spanish food and an epicurean lifestyle. 

Chapter Three - The Men in Marceline’s Life

     But the Pârfait family spirits, who have protected good family members for eight-hundred years attempt to dissuade Phillípe from his course of action. When he won’t listen to them, the spirits warn Marceline of her uncle's dark plan. Since she is a strong spiritual family adept or modern-day schamaness, she tries to dissuade Phillípe. First, she does this in a friendly manner, then spiritually and eventually, under the guidance of the family spirits. Everyone agrees that creating a natural wonder, from which the town folk, visitors and Marceline can freely benefit and enjoy is a worthwhile endeavor. Phillípe on the other hand wants all the profits for himself and his cronies, and thus meets his end at the ‘hands’ of Arboria Island itself,. Marceline secretly wonders if only real life was that way, where those who harm mankind suffer for their transgression.

Chapter Four - Marceline Finds Darôk’s Love Again

     Marceline and Darôk renew their love on the Summer Bridge, which is a removable wooden footbridge over the Eel River, in Humboldt County, California, which leads to Arboria Island. This island is a large volcanic up thrust containing an artesian-water fed pond. Arboria Island, its pond and the bridge leading to it are a local legends. The people of Redwoodville treasure Arboria Island Pond because of its supposedly curative properties. The county's Summer Bridge to Arboria Island is removable because intense springtime floods ripping down and out of the Humboldt County mountains. Those storms and their runoff' destroyed two earlier fixed-mount bridges, and after the last catastrophe the town convinced county maintenance to use a replaceable bridge instead.

     The young ladies plan to help Marceline’s uncle Phillípe Pârfait, a VP of the family company, in a biology project in Humboldt County, California during their summer vacation. Phillípe Pârfait, Marceline’s uncle, the dark and mischievous branch of the Pârfait family, has plans to exploit the water on Arboria Island. He plans to set up a commercial bottling operation that will package the pond water and sell it as a cure all because of its potent effects on everyone who bathes in the pond. Phillípe is so greedy and desperate to finally have a project that will make him world renown and replace his brother as CEO of Pârfait Industries that he will get rid of anyone who stands in his way.   

    Marceline goes to great physical and spiritual lengths to help her Uncle Phillípe. The Pârfait family's ancestral spirits, in their unrelenting quest to protect its members and business associates, persuade Marceline to, work with them to become a bleeding Pieta. Marceline tries to persuade him in a more physically dramatic manner. All her struggles to discourage him from conducting his terrible plan of murdering the four people who understand the potential of the Arboria Island Pond waters go to naught. .In effect she is transmogrified into a spiritual entity with manifestations of stigmata. She pleads with her uncle, as she bleeds from the same wounds that Christ endured, to change his ways and do good for the family this one time before it's too late.

    Incredibly, Phillípe, even though he fears what he sees because of Marceline's spiritual pleading, does not take his niece's actions seriously. However because of his intractability, Phillípe sees the walls of justice closing in on him in the form of Arboria Island's overly aggressive flora and thorn bushes. Phillípe's arrogance and rapacious exploitation of Nature's resources on Arboria Island, does not sit well with the Pârfait family spiritual adepts, even though they have to help him repent. The spiritual entities savor the sanctity of all of Nature's life forms, but Phillípe is beyond the pale.

    As a result, Arboria Island enacts Nature's revenge on Phillípe Pârfait by closing off his escape path from the island. When he stumbles wildly toward Summer Bridge he falls over its railing and is killed by his own greed on the rocks below. No one mourns Phillípe Pârfait's demise except his brother Hênrí who is one of a few mourners at Phillípe's funeral.

     In the Book Four climax, the medica/ inquest determines it was suicide. Later, with Marceline as a temporary spirit in attendance at the High Council of Pârfait family spiritual adepts, they judge Phillípe's dark soul. Because of his his wanton greed and his most vile actions of attempting to kill an entire family, his spirit is ejected and condemned to reside in the center of the hot Sagittarius A-Star Black Hole for eternity. No reprieve or forgiveness is available for his heinous spirit. Only six people attended his funeral in addition to his brother Henri Parfait who delivers Phillípe's eulogy.

     As a denouement, Marceline and Darôk declare their love for each other, and prepare for their life together; Marceline's evil Uncle Phillípe gets his final judgement..   


Summer Bridge Tales